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About Us

Dr. Sorbie- unique professional eco-cosmetic brand for hair.
Based in 2010 in Israel. From the very beginning we relied on environmental principles.

Famous stylists such as Igal Gut, Mitch Suleymanov and Reuben Teper- Creators of Israel’s first eco-friendly network of beauty salons and founders of the hairdressing academy HEADS. A few years later, they decided to create their own professional hair product line.
It was supposed to be cosmetics based on organic natural components.

Our aim is to satisfy the highest demand, both masters-hairdressers and clients. In 2012 exclusively for Dr. Sorbie famous Israel laboratory began to coopirate with us. This laboratory specialize on innovations in photo-cosmetology.

Thanks to this cooperation was created a line of organic professional products with premium class level- Phytobalance


Dr. Sorbie