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Dr. Sorbie is the first major leading Israeli company and manufacturer in Israel of active organic-based hair and facial products.

The company was founded by three leading hairdressing stylists. They are responsible for the development and presentation of products to professionals, and this is a huge advantage of the company!

The brand’s unique formulas are formulas that have proven themselves and speak for themselves with amazing and immediate results, whether it is hair treatment and recovery or scalp and face care.

Every year the company increases its sales and international fame, the range of products grows and is being enriched by unique and brilliant solutions of the company. 

More and more fans and followers of the Dr. Sorbie method of work are becoming “addicted” to a professional product.

Today the company is entering the markets of several leading countries of the world. Volumes of these markets are growing from year to year. Today, Dr. Sorbie products are represented by distributors in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Czech Republic

Dr. Sorbie stands for uniqueness and professionalism. Quality. Efficiency. Innovation

Behind all this work are three leading Israeli hairdressers who design and provide all professional advices, based on the world-best experience. Which is a huge advantage over competitors in the market

Dr. Sorbie is an effective leading professional brand manufactured in Israel. It is the desire of many leading businessmen and marketers to be a part of its success. We invite you to become a part of great success and become a leader in your country through the strengths and capabilities of the brand, with our help and cooperation

Why should you as a distributor pay attention to the Dr. Sorbie brand?

▪️This is a unique professional brand created by stylists, according to their needs

▪️Active and effective organic products

▪️Not for sale in professional stores and online resources

▪️Can be combined with any brand. It’s, like the golden key, a solution to many technical problems, an ideal for the colorist and advanced modern master

▪️The line is not overloaded, multi-functional products allow you to combine and add it everywhere

▪️Even after the training, there is a recommendation to sell special packages.

▪️Simple and easy to use, and has  detailed protocols, tables, and instructions

▪️All over the world, professional groups  are ready to work in social networks, and any master has a chance to ask questions 24/7, consult, and has the unique opportunity  to communicate directly with the founders and creators

▪️Marketing support in the form of broadcasts, SNSs, content duplication, detailed protocols, training at the Academy in Israel, and off-site workshops

▪️Photo and video content, YouTube channel, company website in three languages

▪️Convenient credit system for orders

▪️Annual Retro bonus for representatives performing the Annual plan, exclusive distributor

▪️Adaptation of products to the requirements and specifics of the country

▪️Global events, parties in the company

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