VITA LIQUID is a regenerating liquid, enriched with phyto-extracts, amino acids, and vitamins. Designed for
professional use. Used to create caring and healing procedures, and as a final step in the process of dyeing.
Ideal with Phyto Balance products.

Due to its acidic environment, the liquid works great for closing the cuticle.
With the help of VITA LIQUID you can easily change the acidity of many products. An indispensable product
to create a unique home care. Kera liquid Cocktail.

The composition includes such active ingredients as:
Extracts of Althea, Kamomil, Panthenol B5, for moisturizing, Glycerin emulsifier from vegetable fats and
anise seed extract to soften, smooth, and improve the structure of the hair, Vitamin C, extracts of Bai
Zhu, leaves of Mirta, and Turmeric are the strongest antioxidants, improve the synthesis of proteins and
amino acids, Oat extract rich in proteins, Benzyl alcohol, extracted from the essential oils of ylang-ylang,
jasmine, cinnamon, and acacia serves as a natural preservative and excellent thermal protection.
The synergistic interaction of the bioactive components included in the composition allows the pigment to
remain inside the dyed and bleached hair, effectively preventing it from early washing out after dyeing or
toning. VITA LIQUID is an indispensable component in hair care and restoration procedures for enhancing
and prolonging the effect.
Fills dyed hair with energy, makes it stronger, while maintaining softness and endowing it with a delightful
Does not weigh down hair. Provides easy combing and styling.

Application: carefully read the detailed instructions and protocols for use.


(Exclusive product to create personalized full cycle service at a beauty salon and for procedures adapted for home use)

Ph 4
Code. Vita Liquid: DRS 4070 — 400ml.
Code. SET Vita Liquid: DRS 4071 SET. Code. SET 6 ampoules: DRS 4072 Amp

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