“Vitam-in Color dyeing gray hair for 8 minutes and Strip-it –  the procedure you have dreamed of!”

Online 26 April at 19:00 GMT+03:00

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More about the webinar

We decided to perform two of the most interesting procedures with models in live:

Dyeing gray hair with Vitam-in color and preparing hair for toning with Strip-it.

“1.9% coverage of difficult gray hair in 20 minutes” – myth or reality?
Until recently, it sounded like something fantastic, but everything changed with the advent of Vitam-in Color.
It’s a catalyst that improves the coloring process, while reducing skin sensitivity and caring for the hair in the process, thanks to which we get super shine and an even lasting color result.

STRIP IT- Ionic chelating DETOX magnet.

STRIP IT organic compounds are able to capture, break down and remove heavy metal ions that have accumulated in the hair after direct dyes, chemical procedures, styling, as well as environmental influences.

STRIP IT accelerates chemical processes and creates an optimal base without any risks before any chemical procedures, such as lightening, pickling, straightening, curling and hair restoration procedures. ⠀


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