Products and procedures

  • COLOR ACTIVATOR – 2 clicks that turned the world upside down. Hair coloring in 8 minutes! Improves the quality of colored and blonded hair. Retains reds and bright shades perfectly. Based on a natural vitamin complex. Effective for gray and damaged hair. It is used for intensive treatment. – Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – an antioxidant from wheat germ. Neutralizes “free radicals” (from chemicals, drugs and UV radiation) – Complex GPPO – restores structure, moisturizes and prevents hair breakage, protects against environmental influences. – Hydrolyzed keratin & proteins – moisturizes hair, filling, sealing cracks and broken hair bonds, makes it soft and shiny. – Seed oils – extracts of natural oils. Moisturizes, protects, softens, adds shine and elasticity to hair. – Antioxidants neutralize “free radicals” and control the release of oxygen. Vitamins and nutrients strengthen and moisturize the hair during harmful exposure. As a result you get healthy, shiny hair and lasting color in 8 minutes. Benefits: – Accelerates exposure time, protects and nourishes hair and skin from the harmful effects of dyes and chemicals, increases shine and color fastness. Simple and convenient. Perfectly combined with any medicines and procedures, regardless of the manufacturer. Recommendations for use: – For hair restoration procedures and instant hydration with nourishing ingredients. Stained with henna. For fixing a perm. Also using with chemical hair straightening – protection, nutrition, strengthening, increasing the effect, and maintaining hair elasticity. Improves structure, gives elasticity and protects hair from hair dryers, closes damaged hair tips and keeps styling for a longer period THE PRODUCT LOSES ITS QUALITY AFTER 30 MINUTES IN THE OPEN AIR Three phases of product and principle of operation: 1 . At first 3 minutes (10-12 with normal staining) softening and rapid opening of the cuticular layer occurs. At first works GPPO complex, Triglycerides and derivatives of glycerin + emulsifier and softener for scalp and hair cyclopentasiloxane + components to protect the skin itself, oil of aragana, antioxidants, elements to protect the lipid layer, and antibacterial particles. 2. At second 3 minutes (10-12 with normal coloring) heavy artillery enters the course, squalane components that accelerate and improve penetration, due to their conductive and adhesion properties, thanks to vitamin E, there is a rapid formation of pigment groups and the release of atomic oxygen. Hydrolyzed keratins, proteins and amino acids are incorporated in the myofibrillar fibers of the cortex. 3 . At last 3 minutes (10-12 with normal coloring) the antioxidant properties of argan oil, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn seed oil continue their work. They uncompromisingly complete all chemical processes, neutralize all free radicals and promote better fermentation and oxidation processes at the end of the staining procedure. Strengthening and making the pigment more resistant and the hair becomes stronger, healthy and full of shine. At the same time, the soft and elastic cuticle scales opened without harm. And this process is completed by the polymerization and covering with a protective membrane of a demythicone compound with thermal protection and giving elasticity and care.