“VITA LAMINATION – organic hair reconstruction”

Airtime and date: January 25 at 6:00 pm GMT+2



“The Vita-Lamination complex is created using the most advanced technologies. It effectively revives and protects damaged and dry hair.

The hair condition before procedure:
Very damaged hair, after unsuccessfull keratin treatment. Dark colored hair with a lot of stains of very dark color and greeny ends.

Suits all hair types. Softens and restores hair. During the procedure hair is filled with healing cocktail rich in proteins, amino acids, oils and vitamins.

Hair lamination helps in:
✨ Smoothness, manageability and softness of the strands
✨ Resisting wind and rain
✨ Reduction of split ends
✨ Elasticity and manageability of hair
✨Long-term protection of hair from negative
effects of solar radiation

The cocktail is selected individually according to Dr. Sorbie protocols.

The systematic use of the VITA-LAMINATION complex improves the condition of the hair, and makes possible the effect of healthy and well-treated hair lasting several months🙌🏻”

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